Trip to Atlas Mountain and Ourika Valley

Type : Privé

Why you'll love this trip

  • Foothills of the Atlas mountains
  • Berbère Villages.
  • Traditional food.
  • Berbère culture & trade.
  • Climbing to small cascades.

What you can expect

This day trip will take us out of Marrakech at 09.00 am and head south for the beauty and splendour that is the Ourika Valley. The journey time would usually be around an hour and a half to reach Setti Fatma, but there is so much to see on the way that we’ll be stopping off at regular intervals to take in the sights and sounds of this beautiful Ourika Valley. As we move from Marrakech to Ourika Valley waterfalls for our first part of the journey you may want to observe the lush green hillsides, Berber villages and rolling hills. There are rivers here that meander through the valley and there will be no end of opportunities to take some dramatic landscape shots on your camera. We will stop off at some of these typical Berber villages to allow you to soak in what everyday life is all about for these local peoples. As we continue our drive through the valley we begin to approach the more mountainous passes of the Atlas range by heading to Setti Fatma. There are several small (and some much larger) waterfalls along the route here and not all of them are packed with tourists. We advise you to bring along some hiking boots as we will go on a short trail through to some of the Setti Fatma Cascades (waterfalls). You should also bring with you some swimwear and sunblock as we may have an opportunity to plunge into some small pools that gather at the foot of the waterfalls. It is also a good idea to bring along a change of clothing as we could be getting up close to the waterfalls where there will be plenty of back spray to cool you down. And don’t forget to bring along some warm clothing as the end part of journey goes up to the communal society town Sti Fadma, where it can be very cool, even in summer. You should bring along a packed lunch with you on this trip but there are many cafes and restaurants in some of the Berber villages on our day trip. However, the most important thing to bring is the camera as this experience simply has to be captured on film. The hike to Setti Fatma waterfalls goes through the valley after which we shall return back to Marrakech. Arrival back in the city is around 5.00 pm. 

Whats included ?

  • Transport confort 4wd car
  • Driver/ guide
  • lunch
  • Drinks

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The road path

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